Monday, 6 November 2017

Back to School

I am almost done with the first semester of Masters of Design course in NIFT Mumbai. It feels almost lethargic to get into this whole "going to classes everyday" routine after a gap year. However, the energy of the hectic days in NIFT Delhi during my bachelors has starting kicking in and I am slowly but surely gaining my momentum; not just in terms of assignments and all that sass but also when it comes to dressing up.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

"Be You, Be Free"

A humble artistic collaboration

Charu Gupta X Felnunmawii Gangte

The journey to self-discovery starts when we find out the game we are part of and try to learn the rules to play it. The process keeps evolving as we grow. The thousand layers that we have around us shed one by one and with each falling cover we are amazed to discover a new side to ourselves. The world has evolved and the theory of “Be-ing yourself” is a trending slogan. But the quest to justify this consumes most of our lives and our wish to follow our heart is often denied.


Humans have been following the path of the universe and laying out stencils for generations to trace them. Since it was necessary for the coming generations to adopt the pre-made molds; religions came into existence.

Right from birth we are being directed of the right and the wrong without being explained about the antithesis and the synthesis behind it. This is where we lose ourselves and the conditioned layouts domicile inside us. Since, we are not aware about the logic, we fail to comprehend the differences between the universal and the set patterns. Our beliefs are bread in the same charge and we are barricaded from following our heart and are stopped from being who we are.
Not just our behaviour; what we wear and how we carry it also defines us. Our changing attitude, clothes and style brings out a new side of us which was left unexplored. "Be Yourself" is not just a statement, it is our signature style that we always wear without any masks or pretentiousness. It is who we really are when we let go off the shadows overpowering us. Everything else that we claim to be when we shout out loud, “This is who I am" is just a story.
Think Fashion: We are often told to have our own sense of style to give our clothes a "character". But aren't we just recreating what already exists in the market for us to make it ours and call it our own? How original is our style affected by media and influencers all around us? Can we strip them off the credit rolls? Can we strip us off either? The thin line between who we really are and how the society has moulded us has always been a very fine line. 

The following style posted is of a playsuit being styled in "who I am". No one can tell me I am not the one in the first nor the second. I feel like I am both. See the complexity of the game? -Felnunmawii


Outfit details:

Playsuit- (to be launched soon)

Earrings- Pantaloons


Outfit Details:
Playsuit- MetropolisCloset (to be launched soon)
Shoes- Jabong
Leather Jacket- ONLY
Hat- Forever New
Choker- H&M
Bag- Local Market, Guwahati.

MAKE-UP: SELF (Felnunmawii)

Photography by : Charu Ritai Gupta
Check out her blog here: THE HAMALEH PROJECT
And the original article here: BE YOU, BE FREE

Friday, 8 September 2017

Fresh Perspective

Hello peeps!

Last time I wrote I mentioned I was starting a new chapter in my life.
So here I am revealing the mystery-
I have finally moved to Mumbai, well, Navi Mumbai, to be precise.

I am continuing my studies in NIFT Mumbai, pursuing Master of Design (Post Graduate in Design Space) after taking a year break from studies. The gap year was much needed. I explored my potential in different fields in the industry, worked for different people as a freelance designer and writer, got to stay at home a lot and spend a healthy time on myself.

I will write about my transition of Fashion Design to Design theory and academics in later posts. I am loving this course and hope to make the best of my days here.