Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Urban Tribe - EXPOSE´ 2016

EXPOSE´ 2016 
for Breast Cancer Awareness

Organised by: Mizo Niftians Association

In association with Mizoram State Cancer Institute

Media Partner: ZONET

Date: 21st October, 2016

Venue: Mizoram University Multipurpose Hall

by Mawipuii

Friday, 6 January 2017

Hello 2017

Hello 2017
Be good to me.
Help me learn a good deal from all the wrongs last year.

Hello 2017
Be patient with me.
I am still learning to be in love with myself, and all I am supposed to be.

Hello 2017
Be gracious towards me.
I need all the blessings I was deprived of last year, I've learnt my lesson, you see.

Hello 2017
Just help me be a better me,
I am doing my best here, I just need you to stay and remind me- 
All I am and all that I will be is because of the bad the previous year has plead me to be.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Beyond Yourself

*smiles sheepishly*

I am not starting off with an apology this time. Else my blog would start looking like a bunch of documents on how to apologise whenever you post a new blog post. I have been upto so many things since the last time I wrote. Here is the list in random order:

1. Graduation / Convocation
2. Shifting out of Delhi
3. Expose´ 2016 
4. Church activities
5. Freelance writing and designing

And in between all this, I met new people, made new friends, got hurt once in a while and enjoyed every bit of life that happened.

The one thing that is constantly on my mind these days and have governed all my future plans and choices today is the quote given in my picture below.